Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Battle Honours

OK so Battle of the Beadsmith and here I am through to round three... and pitched against my all time favourite piece, and, I know the favourite of so many others. I think the outcome is pretty inevitable, beauty versus the beast so to speak.
We had to post another image showing a different angle, so I had fun thinking where my scorpion might hide out. Here she is lying in wait on some sun dried wooden fencing in the garden.

So to summarise:-
It was the best fun to create and participate, I loved the process of the challenge, I also love the comments and praise that came my way (who wouldn't, honestly?). Would I do it again? hmmmm......
I've noticed that for some folk, there is a kind of competitiveness in beading, a subtle pressure to be among the first to show designs using new products, to get 'new' ideas published, posted and out there... in a way not dissimilar to territorial marking.
As well, there is the constant niggle that if you're not facebooking, posting, blogging or tweeting, you are somehow falling behind in a race.

The 'Enter this competition' pressure is different, if you enter, then it becomes an internalised battle about self worth, 'failure' is inevitable for all but one person... so the art is in keeping this in perspective.
All I can say is that it's been fun, but I've come to realise that, for me, creativity isn't a competitive sport. In the end it's just beads and beads are fun.
Good luck to the souls who battle on into the next rounds!!!


  1. I agree with all that you mentioned. Keep the beads on a noncompetitive level!!

  2. I want to know what inspired you to do a scorpion - you are from the UK right? It is awesome. I think Nancy Cain should see your bug critters; something tells me she probably already has.

  3. Hi Terry, I was thinking along the lines of 'Girl with a Dragon tattoo', and I do love to bead in 3D. I am from the UK and sooooo glad our few poisonous creepy's are very hard to find.

  4. I think your piece is one of the most imaginative and creative in the battle Heather, I am glad you did enter it. The attitude of some beaders is obviously set in stone and nothing will change it but there is definitely room in there for you. BTW Scorpions are naturalised in Essex at the end of the underground line!

  5. Sqweeee!!!!! really? in England?!!!!
    maybe I'll have to re-name the piece Essex Girl with the Scorpion Corsage ;0)